Yes, I am sleepy. But also, it’s my personality. 

Californian teaching English in Seoul and staring intently at subway poetry since mid-2015.

Currently teaching at Seoul Girls Middle School.

Formerly: Nowon Sogang Language Program Academy

What am I but this flensed
syntax, sight and sound,
in which my heart, not
insulated yet, makes
ripple effects down the line?

–Henri Cole, from “Free Dirt”


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi!! I just stumbled across your blog because I’m coming to teach in Korea this month and wanted to say that you are a wonderful writer. You put so much detail and life into your posts and have a way of spinning them together so beautifully that even talking about your day at work seems poetic. I kind of want to be best friends with you is that weird to admit I’m not sure ANYWAY keep up the posts I will def be reading!!


    1. Hi!! Thanks so much for your comment, very exciting you’ll be coming here yourself soon! If you are in / near Seoul let me know, I’d be happy to meet up sometime!! 🙂


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