This is just a quick update to say that I’m about a third of the way through composing a draft detailing my Suncheon / Namhae solo trip and should be posting it within the next week or so.

I caught a cold last Thursday that completely devastated my body and my coherent language abilities. In most of my free time since then I’ve been sleeping or watching TV, incapable of any real thought. I’ve barely regained an appetite in the last couple days… when I walked into my first period class this morning one of the students immediately exclaimed (in Korean, so I pretended I couldn’t understand)–wow, Teacher has lost weight!

I also forgot to put on lipstick this morning before I left the house, something I haven’t done since starting work here. My co-teacher asked me–today you’re not wearing lipstick? And I realized my mistake. It looks very… innocent, she said, and I knew what she meant. Young. Last year, while teaching kindergarten, when a similar illness caused me to forget to apply lipstick, my students told me I needed to go to the hospital right away. Another one made me pinky-promise her that I would never to forget to put on lipstick again.

So today while I was applying it in the office after my co-teacher’s remark, some first year students walked in and saw me. Oh, so pretty Teacher, they said, and swarmed around my desk, peering over the divider at me. You wear glasses? They asked. Just for reading, I said. Oh, Teacher. 갑자기 고백하고 싶다. Teacher. I like you. Sooooo much. I love you. See you today. We are class six. Your third class today.

Despite the impromptu compliments of students, and despite my condition having improved dramatically since the weekend, I know I’m actually still sick. I’m slowly accepting the fact that I’ll have to make a hospital visit and try to coax the doctor into prescribing me something for a sinus infection. I’ve found in the past that asking specifically for certain treatments is often more effective than trusting them to figure out what’s wrong with me if my ailment in any way diverges from what the majority of other patients are suffering from. I’ve been doubling up on cold meds and migraine pills, but the pressure in there is so bad that sometimes my face spontaneously aches, or my teeth hurt like they did when I was wearing braces.

In any case, I’m much improved and will post about my trip down south as soon as I can find the time to finish writing.